Red Deer’s newest real estate company offers some incredible deals to both buyer’s and seller’s!

real estate savings red deer

2018 was a “no growth” year in Real Estate and that made it tough for home sellers. The market slowed due to a mix of uncertainty and tougher banking rules when it came to borrowing or getting a mortgage.

Home sellers had it tough because if they hadn’t owned their home for more than 10 year’s they likely had to sell lower than their purchase price.

Home buyers were faced with a buyer’s market but it was harder for them to borrow the money needed to take advantage of all the low prices.

Sellers are seeing less margin and buyers are having to buy at a lower price or put more money down.

There is some relief for both buyers and sellers in 2019. A new real estate company in Red Deer and serving all of Central Ab joined the red deer real estate market and they are offering both buyers and sellers relief in the form of lowercommission when selling and cash back on move-in day when buying a home.

save on commission in red deer this year

If you’re planning to sell and buy a new home Big Earth Realty will save you thousands. Even if you only planning to buy they’ll give you up to $2000 on move in day.

2019’s real estate market in Red Deer and Central Ab will be as challenging as 2018, why not use every advantage by saving as much money as possible.